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  Here you'll find some letters for download about our political work:

 Letters of the ADL to the international
community for ASEM 2012
ADL to the European Union
ADL to the Australian government
 ADL to the governemt of New Zealand
 The European coucil to the ADL
EU press release to the 9th ASEM summit:
MEMO-12-819_EN.pdf (PDF — 62 KB)

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Dr Khampeuy & the multi party system
Dr. Bounthone Chanthalavong- Wiese speaks about Dr. Khampeuy Panmalaythong and the benefits of the multy party system. She explains soemthing of the democratic system.
Dr. Khampheuy Panmalaythong's Magazine, English:
Dr. Khampheuy Panmalaythong's Magazine, German:

 ADL Newspaper download:
  Lao Dissidents in Jail

Press release Burma- Lao (Berlin conference):

Press release of the ADL on the deportation of more than 4000 Lao-Hmong refugees from Thailand to Laos on December 28, 2009.
Declaration for the immediatly release of the political prisoners of Nov.2nd 2009

Demand for immediate release of four citizens in the Lao People’s Demoratic Republic who were arrested and incarcerated as they appealed for fair compensation for their lands taken over by the government

Letter about Mr. Hiem Phommachanhs interview with Radio France Internationale on August 15th, 2009
Letter to the Chinese Opposition abroad, about the nobel-price to Mr.Liu Xiaobo (in German)