Alliance pour la Démocratie au Laos

Lethmather Str. 71
58119 Hagen

Alliance for Democracy at the 3rd cycle of UPR on the Lao PDR

January 20-22. 2020

Demonstration of the ADL in Front of the UN building

ADL Side Event at the United Nations

As in 2015, the ADL participated in the UPR process. After the 35 session of UPR, the Lao People's Republic received 348 recommendations from the representatives of the permanent missions in Geneva. As can be seen on the UN website, the ADL is the only Lao NGO whose reports and recommendations have been published. The web pages can be called up by clicking on the buttons next to the photos of the demonstration. Other Lao NGOs have also reported to the UN and submitted it to other NGOs.

In order to emphasize the recommendations and reports of the ADL, the ADL organized several side events before the actual meeting.
It was important to hold these side events before the UPR session and not afterwards. Unfortunately we found out that an organization was probably not able to hold a side event beforehand, but only afterwards, so that this side event unfortunately came to nothing. Nevertheless, the ADL was pleased that other organizations also tried to participate in the UPR process.

By Marcus Wiese